Endorsement–Commissioner Andy Nguyen

Today the Joshua Spare for Mansfield ISD, place 6 campaign announces the endorsement of Tarrant County Commissioner Andy Nguyen.  Nguyen is the Commissioner for Precinct 2, in Southeast Tarrant County.  He has provided strong, conservative leadership there since 2010.  Andy is an immigrant from Vietnam and is a retired United States Army artillery officer.  He is also the founder of AIT Technologies, a telecom company.

In his endorsement, Commissioner Nguyen offers his support saying, “As your Tarrant County Commissioner, I spend a lot of time visiting with the parents of the Mansfield ISD.  Doing so allows me to understand the needs and desires parents have for their children.  Nothing can be more important than the education and care of our children.  In the race for Mansfield ISD Place 6, the candidate who has demonstrated the ability to improve the Mansfield ISD and best plan for the education of our children is Joshua Spare.  Over the past 9 years, Joshua has dedicated his time to the betterment of his community.  His service as a Grand Prairie Planning and Zoning Commissioner, as well as his positions on the Peninsula PID and Mira Lagos HOA have prepared him well.  I have taken the time to meet with Joshua to discuss the challenges facing the next Mansfield ISD School Board member.  I know he is up to the challenge and will effectively represent the needs and values of the Mansfield ISD.  I am today announcing my endorsement and support for Joshua Spare to be our next Mansfield ISD School Board member.  I ask you to do the same on May 6th when you vote Joshua Spare for Mansfield ISD School Board, Place 6.”

Nguyen’s endorsement continues the momentum behind Joshua’s campaign for school board.  “I am very humbled and excited to have received Commissioner Nguyen’s endorsement,” commented Spare.  “Andy is a true conservative leader for Tarrant County and his support is a great boost to our team.”