District Growth

A good learning environment for our children is one of the most important aspects of a quality education.  Children need schools that can handle the number of students attending.  Mansfield ISD has a serious challenge over the next 10 years dealing with their tremendous growth.

Our district is expected to grow by over 6000 students in the next 10 years.  This will cause a problem in many schools at different grade levels.  For example, Spencer, Smith and Perry elementary schools; Orr and Lillard intermediate schools; Jones and Worley middle schools and Lake Ridge high school all will be overcrowded very quickly.

Overcrowded schools do not create a good learning environment.  Some of the many problems associated with and overcrowded school are:

  • Common areas are too crowded
    • Lunch rooms so crowded kids don’t have time to eat
    • Gymnasiums unable to handle class sizes
  • Portables would need to be installed on campuses
    • Security risk
    • Kids have to leave building to enter their classroom
    • Weather hazards for portable buildings
  • Pick and drop-off of students over load road designs around schools
  • Extra-curricular activities may have to many people hurting the ability to teach or cause children to be denied participation

These are major issues and they need to be addressed.  The Mansfield ISD is perhaps the greatest draw of new home buyers to the area.  It is an excellent school district and is sought out by many families.  In order to keep our high standard of excellence, we need to have the appropriate number of schools.