Candidate for Mansfield ISD School Board Trustee, Place 6

I am very excited to announce my candidacy for MISD School Board Trustee, Place 6.

One of my greatest desires is to improve the lives of my children and yours.  I have been working towards this over the past nine years through volunteer and elected positions in my community.  Our children are the most precious people in our lives and we need to make sure they have the tools to succeed.

I would like to see the district continue to incorporate new technologies to help stimulate our children and enable their learning.  The use of iPads, chromebooks and the Internet play an important role in our children’s future.  We must make sure they are prepared.

Also, MISD has a large challenge ahead as the district continues its rapid growth.  The areas south of Broad St are expected to boom over the next few years.  This will mean new schools, including a new High School.  You need someone on the School Board who understands this growth.  I will work to make sure MISD understands the impact of new development and makes the right choices for your children.

I am ready to take on the challenge of ensuring our children have the best future possible. MISD can prepare our kids but we need parents like you to take action.

Ensure your children’s future.

Vote Joshua Spare in May.

God bless you,

Joshua Spare